Social Media Examples

The Problem

The ads they’re running wasn’t giving them a good return. The company was using Google ads mostly to drive traffic and sales.
They wanted to start using Facebook ads to drive more conversions and sales.

The Solution

I had to get to work setting up a Facebook pixel on their website to track proper conversions.
Before, I started running Facebook ad campaigns for purchases for their products.

I started to design some high-quality design Facebook ads for campaigns. Great graphic design and message are very important.
People are constantly scrolling through their Facebook feed. You must be able to grab your potential customers’ attention.

I design the Facebook ad using photoshop to create a very polished and professional look. So potential customers will judge it’s from a quality brand.
Instead of some cheap knock off brand trying to market to them.

I created Facebook campaigns targeting the right interest and demographics to get the best and effective reach for my client.

Engagement Campaign – More likes, comments, and shares for the post.
Conversion Campaigns – Focusing on customer purchases and the best ROI.

The Results

I was able to increase conversions and scale revenue. The beauty company is making sales in the United States, Ireland, Canada, and other major countries.

Three months into working with them, I was able to double their revenue.

Our Involvement included:

  • Company Facebook page update.
  • Facebook post and content creation.
  • Facebook ad management and campaign strategy.
  • The Pinterest profile creation.
  • Pinterest ad management and campaign strategy.
  • Pinterest Pin and content creation.
  • Build an SEO strategy for the website.

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